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University of Hartford
  • Position Number: 2129447
  • Location: West Hartford, CT
  • Position Type: Facilities Management

University of Hartford

Theater Master Electrician

Job Description
Assumes responsibility for the coordination and oversight of logistics associated with lighting requirements for Lincoln Theater presentations and events. Performs all duties in full support of the University's mission, understanding that the positive and effective execution of these duties are instrumental to the education of the University's students.

Essential Job Duties
Job Duties
This job description of the job is for identification and administrative purposes only. It is not intended to be a complete statement of all duties, which may be assigned by the supervisor according to varying needs.

Description of Key Responsibility:
Applies knowledge and skills in the use of tools, instruments and equipment relating to electrical installation and maintenance tasks Lincoln Theater. Programs computerized lighting consoles. *

Essential Duty?: Yes
Percentage Of Time: 30%

Description of Key Responsibility:
Collaborates with internal constituents as well as external lighting designers in an effort to accomplish the artistic realization of the directors concept. Meets with Directors to understand conceptual vision and align vision with theater capabilities. *

Essential Duty?: Yes
Percentage Of Time: 25%

Description of Key Responsibility:
Organizes, maintains, cleans and troubleshoots all theatrical lighting equipment. Researches and recommends theatrical lighting equipment improvements and/or upgrades as necessary and appropriate.

Essential Duty?: Yes
Percentage Of Time: 20%

Description of Key Responsibility:
Performs other duties as assigned.

Essential Duty?: Yes
Percentage Of Time: 5%

Description of Key Responsibility:
Assists in all other Hartt performance venues as necessary and/or appropriate.

Essential Duty?: Yes
Percentage Of Time: 5%

Description of Key Responsibility:
Tracks electrical expenses for events from pre-production through post-production. Maintains records detailing current lighting positions, circuit, focus and purpose.

Essential Duty?: Yes
Percentage Of Time: 5%

Description of Key Responsibility:
Works with the Technical Directors to establish scheduling during major shows.

Essential Duty?: Yes
Percentage Of Time: 5%

Formal Education:
Vocational or other technical school, certification, training or apprenticeship beyond high school required.

Work Experience:
Stockroom or warehouse. High noise environment. Requires extensive safety training and/or protective devices. Regular exposure to moving machinery and/or vehicles. High dust, dirt, grease environment. Works on elevated surfaces or below ground level. Works in darkness or with poor lighting. Requires travel, including overnight stays.

Impact of Actions:
Decisions and impact are limited to decisions and planning within a small work group or project team.

Varied. Work is complex and varied and requires the selection and application of technical and detailed guidelines. Problems are not easy to identify, but are similar to those seen before. Moderate analytical ability is needed to gather and interpret data where results/answers can be found after analysis of several facts. Solutions can often be found by using methods chosen before in other situations.

Decision Making:
Varied. Supervisor is available on an as-needed basis to establish general objectives and to identify potential resources for assistance. Independent judgement is required to select and apply the most appropriate of available guidelines and procedures to achieve desired results.

Internal Communication:
Requires regular contact within the department and occasional contacts with other departments supplying or gathering factual information.

External Communication:
Requires regular contact with outside agencies and the general public supplying or gathering factual information.

Customer Relations
Contact with customers is over the telephone, in writing or in person for ongoing service, handling of routine transactions and providing detailed information about a selected service, product or capability.

Managerial Skills
Has responsibility or authority which is limited to the direction of temporary or student workers.

Knowledge and Skills
Formal Technical Skills Requires extensive knowledge of a distinct trade or technical area. Knows policies and procedures and can recommend a course of action based upon these guidelines. Modifies existing methods, procedures or forms as necessary. May work with software applications.

Special Skills
The ability to work effectively with diverse groups.

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